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The Widdies, 2010

communications – May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010  |  Widdies Award Night is Friday, May 21, from 9-11pm in the Large Auditorium.

The videos to be screened are:
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
(Spring Term Video Class)
This documentary was commissioned by the local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters to use at their fund-raisers in the fall.

Harry Potter
(Alex Smith, Chris Miao)
A quirky homage to the famed boy-wizard

The Amanda Show
(Lindsay Elmlinger, Lindsay Stevens)
A remake of some classic skits from the Nickelodeon series, with Ritchey Howe as Amanda Bynes

The Deerfield News
(Arden Arnold, John Marsh, Ali Schulz, Oscar Miao, Alex Wagman, Leslie Francois)
A fake news show in the spirit of the Daily Show and late night TV

(Ricardo Welch)
A remake of Michael Jackson’s classic hit video from the 80s

Acceptance Day
(Philip Heller, Kevin O’Sullivan, Kevin Tang, Charlotte Blais, Stewart Strandberg)
A new twist on Groundhog Day, with the same existential dilemma

Crazy Room
(Fred Quesada, Macaulay King, Oliver Hopkinson)
A patient suffers from multiple-personality disorder in this remake of a YouTube video

Juicy (The Story of Vern)
(Jeff Van Oot, Arden Arnold, Niko Grupen)
The original story of a delusional lax-bro trying to fit in at DA

(Chris Wong, Grant Villeneuve)
A suspenseful thriller with mistaken identity, lost memory, and dangerous liaisons