Academy Event – Bryan Stevenson addresses the Deerfield Academy community on December 17 at 7:00 pm EST.

In support of our community book, Just Mercy, author, activist, and attorney Bryan Stevenson will address the Deerfield Academy community on Thursday, December 17, at 7:00 pm EST. All students and employees are invited to attend this virtual event. Please use this link to join the webinar. You may use this link to submit questions for Bryan Stevenson by Tuesday, December 15, at 8:00am EST.

In advance of Mr. Stevenson’s webinar we invite you to take a moment to watch the following videos:

  • Below is a seven minute clip of a CBS This Morning interview with Bryan Stevenson about the “Presumption of Guilt” that contributes to social injustice. Stevenson offers a brief overview of the historical forces and biases still at work in the justice system.

  • Following is a four minute video about the National Memorial for Peace and Justice


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From the OICL

Words Matter

Does your spam filter ever prompt you to “whitelist” an email address, allowing messages from that sender to come through? Have you ever thought about the bias inherent in the use of that word, as well as its counterpart, ‘blacklist’? Are you sensitive to the origins of the words and phrases you use in your everyday writing and speech and the messages you are sending about your own values when you use them?

Your quest: Identify and research the origins of ten commonly used phrases or words that have origins based in offensive stereotypes, either racial, religious, sexist, able-ist, or any other type of identity-based discrimination. For each, consider what language one might use instead to convey the same message, but without the offense. Create a poster campaign to share what you have learned with others and email it to