D-Term (9th & 10th Grade)

D-Term “Journeys” will ask our 9th and 10th graders to:

  • Dive into contemporary issues
  • Solve problems and understand diverse perspectives
  • Engage and connect with their peers, experts in the field, and members of the Deerfield Community
Students can expect to commit 6-8 hours of synchronous online coursework each week of D-Term, in addition to the asynchronous work for the course, and the offered Deerfield community events (such as school meeting, sit down meals, and an Academy event).

All D-Term Journeys are guided by 3 core objectives:
1. Community and Collaboration
Students will connect with their peers in synchronous and asynchronous settings as they learn to collaborate across time zones, embrace a diversity of perspectives, and develop their teamwork skills. Throughout they will build a vibrant learning community as they deepen relationships with other Deerfield students.
2. Curiosity and Inquiry
Students will learn to ask their own questions as they engage with competing and compelling perspectives, explore diverse sources and evidence, and practice the skills of civil discourse and dialogue. Throughout D-Term, students will be challenged to take ownership of their own learning with time for independent inquiry and exploration of their passions and interests.
3. Commitment to Service and Civic Engagement
Students will practice engaged citizenship as they move from ideas to action and consider the impact of their daily choices and the kind of leaders that they want to be in a rapidly changing world.

Action Items:

1. Check out the “D-Term Journeys” Course Catalog  and learn about the variety of courses available

2. Check out the “D-Term Journeys” Kick Off Event: https://vimeo.com/472244698/0de42feb42

3. Fill out the D-Term Journeys Application due Sunday, November 1st by 9:45 pm

Do you have questions about the courses or the application?

Please email csgc@deerfield.edu or attend D-Term Office Hours (times listed below):

  1. Monday, October 26, 7:45pm-8:45pm on Zoom
  2. Friday, October 30, 8:45am – 9:30am -D-Term and Donuts (Tents in front of Library)-CANCELLED
  3. Sunday, November 1, 7:45pm-8:45pm on Zoom