Library Services

Library Room Reservations

To reserve a room in the library, please visit the Information Desk.
If you are not able to visit, you may e-mail or call 413-774-1510.

Reservable Library Spaces

  • B04 Group study (4 person) with flat panel display
  • B05 Carrel (2 person)
  • B06 Group study (4 person) with flat panel display
  • B08 Ideation room (8 person) with screen backdrop for film-making
  • B09 Classroom (16 person) with Apple TV/projector/screen/AV sound/Crestron (control/blue ray/document camera)
  • B10 Innovation classroom (24 person) with 4 pods of 6/5 flat panel displays/Crestron control/document camera/blue ray/AV sound
  • B11 Innovation space (18+ person)
  • 102 Main reading room (Reference room)
  • 104 Classroom (16+ person) Apple TV/projector screen/AV sound/Crestron (control/blue ray/document camera)
  • 105 Group study (8 person) Deerfield authors room
  • 106 Group study (8 person) Rare book room
  • 108 Group study (6 person) Projector/whiteboard
  • 207 Group study (8 person) Projector/whiteboard
  • 208 Group study (8 person) Projector/whiteboard
  • 213 Group study (6 person)
  • 214 Carrel (2 person)
  • 215 Carrel (2 person)
  • 216 Carrel (2 person)
  • 217 Group study (5 person) Flat panel screen/video conference camera/microphone (Priority is given to video conferencing needs.)
  • 218 Carrel (2 person)
  • 219 Carrel (2 person)
  • 220 Carrel (2 person)

Gadgets to Go

Current Deerfield students, faculty, and staff are welcome to borrow the following gadgets from the Library’ Information Desk:

  • Laptop and iPad chargers
  • Headphones
  • Graphing calculators and chargers
  • GoPro and digital video (SLR411) cameras
  • Lights for filming
  • Camera tripod
  • Selfie sticks
  • Mini projectors
  • Wireless speakers
  • External DVD drive
  • Regionless DVD/Blu-ray player
  • DVD/VHS player

Course Reserves

Faculty may place supplemental course materials on restricted circulation (3 hours, 1 day, or 3 days) at the Information Desk.

Use the Boyden Library Catalog to search for reserve materials by course name, instructor’s name, or title of the item.

Questions? Email or call the Information Desk 413-774-1510.

Textbook Orders

The Boyden Library orders textbook materials for classes. Textbook ordering takes place throughout the school year. Faculty are notified of major deadlines.

All textbook orders are submitted electronically effective May 2017. To access the Textbook Request System, faculty should go to DAInfo/My Actions/Textbook Request System.

How to Request Textbooks

Interlibrary Loan Request Forms

Students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials from other libraries using the appropriate form above.  Some items are received electronically in a day or two, others take longer. Recently published, reference, and special collections materials are generally not available through this service.

Suggest a Purchase

Help build the library collection by suggesting a purchase.