AP Exams

In early February, the College Board announced that for the 2021 Advanced Placement (AP) exam administration, they would now offer three administration dates and two different modes, digital and on paper. Both exams will be full-length AP exams and schools would decide what testing administration and mode they would offer for exams. 

Deerfield Academy has elected to offer the AP exam administration in Administration III, which will be held June 1-11 and will be administered digitally, at home. Holding the AP exams in June preserves student attendance in Deerfield term-based courses, allows the completion of Spring Term courses before most exams are held, and provides remote students the same testing environment. Language and music theory exams can only be taken in school and therefore will be held during Administration I. See the schedules of Deerfield administration below and visit the College Board AP site for more details.

According to the College Board, students approved for testing accommodations will be able to receive their accommodations during both on-paper and digital administrations of exams.

Please note that students will be prompted to accept the AP terms and conditions before taking their AP exams.


AP exams offered during Administration III (June 1-11), digitally, at home. All exams will be held at 12 noon or 4pm Eastern Time. See the schedule page for specific exam information. Download this slideshow for information about digital exams: Steps To Take Before You Take Your Digital AP Exam.


June 1 English Literature, Computer Science A
June 2 European History, US History, Art History, Macroeconomics
June 3 US Government, World History, Psychology
June 7 English Language, Computer Science Principles, Seminar
June 8 Comparative Government, Human Geography, Microeconomics
June 9 Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Physics I, Physics C: Mechanics
June 10 Chemistry, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Physics 2, Statistics
June 11 Biology, Environmental Science


AP exams offered during Administration I (May 3-17), on paper, in school. Remote students will need to take these exams at a school near their home or forego taking the exam this year.


May 7 Spanish Literature and Culture
May 10 French Language and Culture
May 11 Latin Language and Culture
May 11 Spanish Literature and Culture
May 12 Music Theory
May 14 Chinese Language and Culture (on computer, in school)


The following digital portfolio submission deadline will apply:


May 20 AP Art and Design, AP Seminar, AP Computer Science Principles


We understand that there are circumstances that preclude students from taking AP exams during the June administration. Therefore, students may request to take exams offered digitally in Administration III in school and on paper during Administration I for the following reasons:

  • Travel home from Deerfield Academy precludes taking an exam on June 1-3. (Seniors depart campus on May 30 and ninth- to eleventh-graders depart campus on May 31.)
  • Primary residence WiFi is unavailable or unreliable or does not have a quiet space for test-taking.

Students must fill out the request form, due March 22. After March 22, the test administrator will review requests. At that time all students will be moved to Administration III unless their request to change is approved.

For any interested student who has not yet signed up for a Revolution Prep course, registration is still available.  These courses will still run from March 21-April 25 so that students will be prepared for either administration.

Please note that students may still sign up for AP exams, but a late fee will be charged. Students may also still cancel any AP exam they have previously signed up for without a cancelation fee. Please contact Erin Donnally Drake in the Academic Affairs Office to either add or cancel an exam.