Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists in all aspects of daily life. Advisors act as an informal counselor to students and attend to students’ academic needs. Advisors assist in developing an academic program that bests suits the individual needs of each student.
For first-year boarding students, advisors are typically the faculty resident or associate on their corridor. First-year day students are usually assigned one of their classroom teachers as an advisor. After the first year, students may request to change advisors or keep their present advisor.

Academic Support

Deerfield Academy instructors seek to provide students the tools and environment to facilitate formative learning. They do this through knowledge of subject, pedagogy, and support of students. On occasion students may need additional support outside the classroom to assist in their learning and comprehension.

Teacher Support and Extra Help

When in need of academic support, students should self-advocate and are encouraged to first reach out to their teachers. Teachers at Deerfield often offer extra help outside of the class day through one-on-one sessions or regular, large-group sessions with open questions.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are highly qualified, vetted students who will meet one-on-one with another student to help them with a specific course. Peer tutors are available in the Boyden Library and Crow Commons between 7:45pm-8:45pm, Sunday through Thursday. Students can sign up for tutoring by email.

Academic Affairs Office Support

The Academic Affairs Office, through the Director of Academic Support and the Assistant Director of Academic Support, works with teachers and families when extraordinary academic support is warranted. The Academic Affairs Office may recommend extra help from faculty, peer tutor support, approved independent tutoring, or learning disability testing and specialized support.

Academic Accommodations

The Deerfield Policy on Academic Accommodations details the Academy’s policy and processes governing students with documented learning disabilities who have or who seek academic accommodations. For any questions related to this document, please contact the Academic Affairs Office.

Residential Support

All underclassmen have proctors on their dormitory corridors. Proctors are chosen from the senior class; they act as role models and student mentors to the younger students. They are chosen for their maturity, their interest in helping others, and their ability to relate to people of different backgrounds and personalities.