Science at Deerfield is about exploring and discovering. Deerfield uses an experiment- and inquiry-based curriculum where students are presented with a problem, given the tools to solve the problem, and left to their own devices. This results in both individual and team-oriented approaches where students are given the independence to show how their knowledge from the classroom can be used to solve real world problems. Allowing students the academic freedom to explore in a guided, intentional way mimics the processes that lead to most great discoveries.

Science at Deerfield follows a physics-chemistry-biology core sequence where students are not simply learning content, but the processes of exploration, inquiry, and problem solving. From there, Advanced Placement courses are offered in all core disciplines as well as Environmental Science. Awaiting our older students is flexibility in their course choices and the option to pursue their own interests in the study of science from Anatomy & Physiology to Orthopaedic Biomechanics.

The Science Department directory provides information on faculty and office hours.