The mathematics program at Deerfield has been specially designed to develop the ideas, skills, and attitudes that will enable students to function with confidence and intelligence in a swiftly changing world. Deerfield students learn how to solve mathematical problems through an assortment of strategies, how to communicate their solutions clearly, how to work effectively on projects with their peers, and how to use technology. Through the use of computer programs, graphing calculators, and iPads Deerfield students learn to solve math problems in the modern—technology-based—age, preparing them for the problem solving of the future.

Deerfield requires that students complete at least three years of math (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II). A variety of courses are offered, and students are placed into a level of mathematics that will provide appropriate challenges and successes, through placement tests depending on their mastery of the materials. Many students in their first year will begin at the first level of math at Deerfield, Algebra I, before moving on to Algebra II. Geometry must be completed prior to taking any more advanced math classes, such as Precalculus or Calculus. The department guides students in the selection of a course of study that is appropriate in both content and pace. Accelerated and enriched courses provide an alternative to the usual sequence and permit advancement towards AP Calculus courses and beyond. Students who are very successful in higher level courses are eligible to take AP Statistics.

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