Computer Science

A component of Deerfield’s department of Science and Computer Science – DA’s computer science program is growing by leaps and bounds!  Students are asking for more, and we have answered by expanding our course offerings to include project-based introductory, AP, and advanced programming classes; as well as new a Digital Logic class that explores computer hardware and circuitry. Our newly-expanded faculty includes teachers with expertise in programming, robotics, and engineering.  We seek to develop problem-solving and logic skills as students learn fundamental principles of programming, data structures, and systems design; and to foster passion for advanced studies in college.  There is plenty of opportunity for students to dive deep into technology at Deerfield!

Aside from formal computer science classes, code appears at surprising places in the curriculum.  Robotics classes use computer code to drive their projects, math classes adapt code into their advanced work—and information theory even makes an appearance in some design classes.

To facilitate the interplay of technology and education, each student is issued an Apple laptop at the beginning of their time at Deerfield. All classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art projection systems and AV technology. Teachers are encouraged to utilize innovative technology to enhance the learning experience and each course section has a page in the Academy’s learning management system (Canvas) to assist in the sharing of information relating to the class. The ITS Help Desk is available to help students and faculty solve any problems they may have with school technology.