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Deerfield students study science, technology, engineering, and math through an inquiry-based curriculum. Problem solving drives many classes to cross-disciplinary boundaries—combining physics with computer science, or biology with finite element analysis.

Robots and Shapeshifters

Hands on classes offer a unique opportunity to prototype real-world solutions.

  • Kyle and Doctor Hills

    When Kyle dreamed of a shape-shifting wheel, he knew he’d get the support to bring it to life.

  • The Path of Most Persistence

    Even a tiny robot can solve important problems. See how two students built a pair of robots to clean up toxic waste.

Lessons to take with you

Step inside our classrooms to experience a short lesson from one of our teachers. See more lessons in our video library.

  • The Law of Large Numbers

    Anything can happen...until the numbers get big enough. Enjoy a fundamental lesson in statistics from Mr. Barnes.

  • Perfect Flowers

    Can a flower be perfect? If you’re in love, perhaps. If you’re a biologist, definitely. Learn more with Mr. Teutsch.

See the Course Catalog

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

—Buckminster Fuller

Classes and Concentrations

Deerfield offers more than 40 different classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. Three examples:

  • The Physics of the Cosmos

    Discover our universe, its origin, the rules governing matter, and the means by which it’s observed.

  • Advanced Calculus & Differential Equations

    Outstanding mathematics students cover content ranging from the calculus of fields to vector calculus.

  • AP Computer Science

    Learn an object-oriented approach to programming, with an emphasis on problem solving, algorithm development, and data structures.

Stem Programs and Speakers

Outside of class, events, speakers, and clubs let students pursue their independent passions and talents.

  • Koch Science Symposium

    At this annual science fair, students show of research projects ranging from biological assays to electric vehicles.

  • Robert Ballard

    In 2015, explorer Robert Ballard spent several days on campus, sharing details of his methods and discoveries.

  • Scaling What Works

    In this Deerfield Magazine feature, learn how Jessica Harrison Fullerton ’00 is using science—and business—skills to combat parasitic worms.