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Evolving Social Norms At Deerfield

Deerfield has come a long way since its founding in 1797, as changes to the student body have shifted the Academy’s social culture significantly. English teacher Frank Henry ’69, who has taught at Deerfield for over 30 years, explained that Deerfield has become increasingly diverse, especially ...


Not-So-Interscholastic Dancing

Every Friday morning, when Director of Student Activities Sam Bicknell sends out “The Weekend!” email, a few students eagerly await news of Interscholastic Dances. These dances have a long history within the world of New England boarding schools. Jared Armes ’15 remembers his freshman year at ...


Margo, Rita & Curtis

Dear Margo, Rita & Curtis, I really don’t want to play Gotcha, but everyone tells me that it’s not my choice! What should I do? Sincerely, Anonymous   Dearest Anonymous, Why wouldn’t you want to play Gotcha? The game gives relative strangers an opportunity to stalk each other across ...


The Experimentory

This July, Deerfield Academy will host its very first summer interdisciplinary program with a curriculum geared towards innovation and curiosity. Over the course of four weeks, The Experimentory will expose rising seventh and eighth graders to new ways of thinking within the realms of digital ...


Bus Distrust

Dear Margo, Rita & Curtis, My parents said I am going to have to take the charter bus back home for spring break. Is it as bad as everyone says? Sincerely, Bus Distrust   Dearest Distrust, Seeing as I am a veteran charter bus rider, you’ve come to the right place. The charter buses and I ...


Deerfield Foods Extends Its Reach

Last spring, Conor Kennedy ’14 introduced a non-profit organization called Deerfield Foods. This year, the student-run, non-profit business has expanded and its presence is growing on campus and around Franklin County. Gordon Xiang The organization seeks to fight food insecurity in Franklin ...


Dr. C: Aikido Aficionado

We have a practicing Aikido ni dan, which translates to second-degree black belt, on campus—Dr. Dennis Cullinane. Aikido is a type of Japanese martial art. “I love Aikido because of its philosophy, raw power, and beauty. In Aikido we try to bring the world into harmony,” Dr. Cullinane ...


The Goguen’s Create JoyRide

By chance, Terry Goguen came across a question that got him thinking: If you could create an app, what would it be? Now, after a successful term at Middlebury participating in MiddEntrepeneurs, Terry teamed up with his younger sister, Katherine Goguen ’16. The pair have begun programming an app, ...


Famous Ancestors

South Carolina politician John C. Calhoun and General Joseph Hooker played critical roles in 19th-century America. In addition, both are Deerfield community members’ distant uncles. Science teacher Rich Calhoun and Serena Ainslie ’16 reflected on their ancestors’ work. Rachel Yao Born in ...


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