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Not Just a Face Highlights more Community Members

This past winter term, Ashley So ’13 spent an exemption creating a second edition of her book Not Just a Face. The book is complete with 55 biographies, 40 of which are completely new additions. “The first time I only covered 15 people, so that’s very little compared to the 200 staff here,” ...


Chris Lin Leaves Lasting Musical Legacy

In his four years at Deerfield, Chris Lin ’13 has become revered for his incredible musical abilities. Lin began taking classical piano lessons at the age of five. Once a week, a teacher would spend an hour with Chris at his home in Springfield, training him to read music and perform. “It ...


Lena Mazel Applauds Deerfield Dance Program

Lena Mazel ’13 has contributed to Deerfield’s dance program for four years. She first joined dance through taking it as an academic class and a co-curricular in her freshman fall. “I remember only doing the splits on my good side, because I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t a good ...


Ethan Peterson-New’s Sci-Fi Novel Hephaestus Arrives This May

The front cover of Ethan Peterson-New's novel Hephaestus. “All good sci-fi starts with the question: ‘What if?’” said Ethan Peterson-New ’13. This is the “empowering” genre of his new and second novel, Hephaestus, named after the Greek god of craftsmen. Peterson-New just finished ...


Chamber Singers Enjoy a Harmonious First Year

The Chamber Singers strike a pose. The Chamber Singers began this fall as Music Director Daniel Roihl’s experiment. Mr. Roihl handpicked singers Sierra Janik ‘13, Chris Lin ‘13, Julie Harris ‘13, Hyun Yang ‘13 and Kristy Hong ’13 for the group. Mr. Roihl chose the students for their ...


Intro Arts Class Changes Form

Deerfield students interested in the performing arts are often faced with the task of deciding which type of performing art class to take: dance, theater, or music. The Deerfield arts program created a class, Intro to Performing Arts, which combines all three art forms in order to offer students a ...


Film Club presents…

In an attempt to introduce the Deerfield Community to classic movies, Alexzandria Chalmers ’13 and Andrew Bishop ’14 founded the Motion Pictures Club earlier this year.


DA Arts: Calling all boys

The directors in DA’s arts program have been brainstorming ways to entice more male participants and change the image of male actors and dancers in our community.


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