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The Situation

In the past few years, reality TV shows have shown up all over television, flooding networks like Bravo and MTV. Recently added to the reality mix is The Jersey Shore, a show featuring overly-bronzed Italian-American men and their scantily clad female counterparts, which has reached an even higher level of mass appeal than its competitors.


What’s with the Wall?

The sudden shock of the “2010” painted onto the wall with Deerfield green one night aroused many discussions as to what it could have been or what it should have been decorated with or used by.


The 3 Dimensions of Avatar

Many believe that the Americans have been depicted as greedy and ruthless. Parallels have been drawn between the Americans’ behavior towards the Na’vi and the treatments of Native Americans in early American history.


Seven Steps to Success: What Goes into a Dance Showcase

“First, you need to decide the type of dance you want to create,” Cooley explained. “Once you have that figured out, you can start looking for the perfect music.” The next part is a tedious one. “Then you have to listen to the music about a hundred times and see what images come to mind.”


Touch Fire, Smith College Ceramics Exhibit

Touch Fire is a unique exhibit consistingof work by 21 female ceramicists, showcases the artistic breadth of women artists throughout Japan. The 94 ceramic pieces in the exhibit, all lent by an alumna of Smith College, consist of diverse styles…

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