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Think 80/20: Making Big Green(er)

The Think 80/20 campaign, developed last year by a Deerfield group composed of students, staff, and faculty, aims to achieve environmental sustainability at Deerfield Academy.


Opera and the City

Fifteen Academy members attended the world’s second most-performed opera, La Traviata, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on April 21, provided for by the generous fund of Sheldon and Marilyn MacLeod ’45.


Ailey II for Academy Event

The world-renowned dance company Ailey II will perform next Monday night, April 9, in the spring Academy Event and lead residency activities for the academic dance classes.


Bound by Song Beyond the Pioneer Valley

The Madrigal Choir, known for its layered voices booming through the Large Auditorium during school meetings, has swung open the Memorial Building doors to perform on new stages.


Bieber Fever Strikes Deerfield

Justin Bieber’s fan base has skyrocketed since his YouTube discovery in 2008 and subsequent singing success, expanding into Deerfield through what has been known as “Bieber Fever.”

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