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Mental Snapshots

Lucy Cobbs, former Editor-in-Chief, writes a


Letter From the Editor

Reflecting on the quality of Volume 84, I like to think that we accomplished many of our goals. We reported with clarity on a number of weighty issues—gender dynamics, over enrollment, the on-campus International Debate, the settlement of the Koch Center lawsuit, our rivalry with Choate, and the fire in the Dining Hall.


David Koch Named Lifetime Trustee

“I would like to be known in the future as someone who is not just a wealthy, successful businessman,” he said, “but someone who really cared about the well-being of others—did his darndest to be charitable and help others.”


Letter from the Editor: Choate Controversy

I realize now that it was inappropriate to publish these derogatory, pointed remarks, and I apologize to all those offended. I regret that the tone of the “Here and There” special issue, which included thoughtful reflections from alumni and current students, was tarnished by this small part of the edition…


Letter from the Editor

I look forward to working with the talented editors of the 2009-2010 staff maintaining and adding to the legacy of The Scroll. To reach our goals for this volume, however, we need your opinions, ideas, and constant feedback…