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Do you Know the Muffin Man Who Works on Boyden Lane?

While most are enjoying sweet dreams at 5 in the morning, Head Baker Steven Parsons is busy scooping out cookie dough and pressing pie crusts behind the green swinging doors in the basement of the dining hall.


Enjoying the Fruits (and Veggies) of our Labor

            Personal produce gardens are making a comeback this year, and schools such as Eaglebrook and Hotchkiss are quick to pick up on the trend. Following in the footsteps of present and past First Ladies Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt, more people are taking an active role in the ...


Deerfield Admissions: More Selective Than Ever

What do 2,061 students from all around the world have in common? Each contributed to Deerfield Academy’s pool of applicants–the highest yet in Deerfield’s history. Applications rose 13.4% from last year, and a mere 16.8% acceptance rate allowed Deerfield to retain its reputation as one of the most selective boarding schools in the country.