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Christina Pil: Artist of the Issue

Christina Pil made her first announcement introducing a choral concert series a little less than two years ago during the spring term of her sophomore year.


Dubstep with Kochmen

Dubstep is a combination of beats, occasional vocals, and heavy drums with a deep bass born from reggae and London garage rock.


The Story of Success

With unruly curly hair, wire-rimmed glasses, and a tranquil face, Malcolm Gladwell looks just like your average genius. With his four award-winning books, it is evident that he thinks and writes like one too.


The Situation

In the past few years, reality TV shows have shown up all over television, flooding networks like Bravo and MTV. Recently added to the reality mix is The Jersey Shore, a show featuring overly-bronzed Italian-American men and their scantily clad female counterparts, which has reached an even higher level of mass appeal than its competitors.


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