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Racism: Still A Thing

If I could let the Deerfield community in on a secret, it would be that we all have a false sense of security in the idea that there is no more racism. It’s a hard concept for some to wrap their heads around. The idea that “if you don’t see it, it’s not there” should not be applied to ...


Break Out the Happy Lamps

In the frigid months of October through April, it sometimes seems like the cold weather is sent to Deerfield simply to give us something to gripe and moan about. But the resultant aura of depression can become a reality for adolescents already high-strung and overworked. Deerfield, a traditionalist ...


Wanna Have A Sleepover?

Established gender roles, in tandem with the peculiar hook- up culture specific to Deerfield, work to create convoluted gender relations at our school, both inside and outside of the classroom. When asked to identify the culprit behind it all, some point to student culture, while others instead ...


Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader, What does diversity really mean? We know that the themes of inclusion, social justice and civil rights play a part in its definition; but to foster the growth of a “diverse community,” we must consider other factors as well. I believe that answering this question requires a ...


The Helpful Hacker

Pablos Holman, known as one of the most famous computer hackers in the world, visited campus on January 15 to speak about his life in the computer field and projects he is working on today. Holman became interested in technology when he got his first computer in 1979. He spend his days “imagining ...


SYA Students Explore the Globe

Imagine having your Spanish classroom be a café in Madrid, or being able to practice your Chinese while shopping at Xui Shui Jie in Beijing. Students at SYA (School Year Abroad) experience just ...


Deerfield Debates LGBT Rights in Russia

With the Sochi Winter Olympics starting next week, Russia has come under close international scrutiny for its recent legislation on gay rights. In an interview given on January 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted to send a reassuring message in a meeting with a group of volunteers at ...


Competition Sparks Abuse of Prescription Drugs

In the world of prep school sports, Deerfield values integrity and sportsmanship. If there were a football player on the smaller side, we would encourage him togotothegymtobulkupand not to take any shortcuts such as HGH or other performance enhancing drugs. That would be ...


Michaels Trots to Triumph

As wide and diverse as the co- curricular options may be, there are always those few students whose passions and ambitions cannot be satisfied by what’s offered. Sophie Michaels ’16 has had a passion for horseback riding since she was four years old, but Deerfield Academy does not offer it as a ...


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