Official Student Council projects and updates:

Claire Petrus (Junior Representative):

Working on:

  • Game night once a month in Crowe Commons

  • Necklaces for girls at graduation

  • Interscholastic student council summit; one for Prep schools and one in Washington DC. This would be an collection of student leaders from many different schools around New England and the country. They would discuss leadership and current events and hopefully would collectively spur creativity for their respective schools and for the world.

Nailah Barnes (Freshman Representative)

Working on:

  • Dollar Menu in Greer/Koch Café {currently in contact and collaboration with Mr. McCarthy}

Nahla Gedeon Achi (Council Chair)

Working on:

  • Time Capsule for graduating class {in contact with faculty}

  • Vending Machines in the Crow Commons

  • Work hour system instead of restrictions when running over on AP’s {contacted and collaborating with DAPP supervisors}

Claire Collins (Senior Representative)

Working on:

  • Posters including pictures of Student groups and committees around campus; to allow people to recognize faces and know who to approach {in contact with photographer and has support and assistance of Mr. Bicknell}

  • Dining Hall Updates at every other Sunday sit down

Jack Wood and Jared Strauss (Sophomore Representatives)

Working on:

  • Online Sleepover form {waiting to hear from Mrs. Butz}

  • Printer in the Dining Hall {contact with Dr. Hills}


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