April 4, 2013

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“Fun Fund”

The Student Council would like to remind everyone that the “fun fund” is available for anyone who needs it. We understand how expensive weekend trips and events may be so if you need to use the “fun fund” please contact Mrs. Creagh.

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Open Meeting Sunday – Quality of Life Discussion

The 2012-2013 Deerfield Student Council has been focused this year on continuation of the topic of respect and how we can improve our campus in a moral sense, as seen with the Student Culture Forum held at the end of the Winter Term and the Honor Pledge that will be implemented soon. We want to take a step back and talk about the little things that we can do to help our students in everyday life. We already have gotten an ATM in the basement of the MSB, updated Common Room rules and regulations while making it clear which common rooms are open and which are not, we have continued to run the shuttle buses to Greenfield on Friday and Saturday nights, we changed the rule in the Koch cafe to allow for phone use, and we got newspaper deliver to the dining hall for Sunday brunch. We really want to help make everyday life at Deerfield the best it can be for our students.

On that note, please come to our Student Council meeting this upcoming Sunday (April 7) after the sit-down meal. We really want to hear your feedback so please make an effort to come out!

Thank you!

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Welcome Back!

The Student Council would like to express a warm welcome back to our student body. We hope everyone had exciting yet restful breaks. One more term! Happy Spring!

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Update: Student Culture Forum Blog

Tripp Kaelin ’14 is working tirelessly to get the blog up and running ASAP. Stay tuned for more information.

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Student Culture Forum Blog

In light of the Student Culture Forum, the Student Council has been working on creating a blog to encourage the conversation to continue. We hope to allow kids who did not get to speak at the Forum to express their thoughts.

Special thank you to Tripp Kaelin ’14, who has been working over the past few weeks to create and develop th Deerfield Student Culture Forum Blog. This project has taken longer than expected, but Tripp has been working long and hard at it. Look for a link on the Daily Bulletin by the end of the day tomorrow. 

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Deerfield Student Lounge

As Max Chesky ’15, our Underclassman Day Student Representative, mentioned at lunch today, the Student Council would like to remind you that the lounge area in the basement of the Classroom building, once named the “Day Student Lounge,” was renamed the “Deerfield Student Lounge” early this fall in an effort to keep it open to all students. The full name may have changed, but the acronym still remains DSL!

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Day Student Driving Petition

Upperclassmen Day Student Driving Petition  Proposal: Junior and senior day students who submitted a signed permission form from parents/guardians and can legally drive others according to their licenses, can drive upperclassmen boarders off campus Junior and senior boarders who have … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Use Policy Update – Koch Cafe

The current myth is that you can only use cell phones in the Greer and in the dorms, but Student Council went to the Administration recently to ask about the possibility of allowing the Koch Cafe to also allow cell phone use. We have confirmed that you are permitted to text, but not call as phone calls are more disruptive. Enjoy, and remember that the Koch Cafe is a place of study for a lot of students so please be respectful.

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Update: Thursday Meetings

Just a quick note on a change in student council policy. In the past, our Thursday meetings during faculty break have been closed to the public, but we have officially changed this. Thursday meetings will now be open to all. Please come out to a meeting to see what we’re up to!

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