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Proposal for the “Crowe Commons Café”/ “Café 14”

Overview: Café 14 will be located in “Crowe Commons”, the three-story common room between Johnson Dormitory and Doubleday Dormitory. The café will include quiet workspaces, places for conversation, and spaces for co-ed “hang out”. Because the layout of Crow Commons … Continue reading

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Day Student Driving Petition

Upperclassmen Day Student Driving Petition  Proposal: Junior and senior day students who submitted a signed permission form from parents/guardians and can legally drive others according to their licenses, can drive upperclassmen boarders off campus Junior and senior boarders who have … Continue reading

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Open Common Room Rules

Open Common Room Visitation Rules for Members of the Opposite Gender:   Monday-Friday: 2:00pm until fifteen minutes before curfew. Saturday-Sunday: 11:00am until fifteen minutes before curfew. No check-in or check-out required. Treat the common room respectfully. Be considerate of others … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Housing and Amnesty

Ben Franklin said, “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body,” and we want Deerfield to be our home. We obviously have food and fire for the body, … Continue reading

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Ordering Window Proposal

We propose the establishment of a specified “ordering window” so that students can place delivery orders from local restaurants on weeknights. In an effort to maintain the sanctity of study hours, students would need to place their orders prior to … Continue reading

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Rules for Fire-Pit Use

Rules Regarding the Use of an Out-Door Fire Pit Use is allowed only within these guidelines: The Security Officers must know when the fire pit is in use. This can be done by calling Security at (413) 772-9880. All fire … Continue reading

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Online Overnight and Off Campus Forms

Student Council has been hard at work with Mr. Thiel trying to bring the Overnight Slip and the Off Campus Sign Out Form online in an easily accessible manner. This new online system will be more reliable from a security … Continue reading

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Fire Pit Outside the Greer

Student Council has been working on getting a fire pit placed outside of the Greer Store. We believe that sitting around a fire during the cold Winter months or a starry night in Spring would help bring students together to … Continue reading

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Housing Proposal

Housing Selection Process: Our housing philosophy is very similar to our philosophy regarding community meals. At Deerfield, we value our sit-down community meals because we think it is good for our students to mingle, meet new people, and engage in … Continue reading

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Gender equity decision

Having reviewed the proposals from Culture Club and the related student survey results, Student Council decided last Thursday to adopt Proposal 3: guaranteeing gender equity among class representatives. Continue reading

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