Communications Committee Update

The Student Council, as you know, recently underwent new organization endeavors, and we split up into several groups to work on an array of projects. The Communications Committee, which includes Devinne Cullinane ’14, Maggie Shilling ’14, and Francis L’Esperance ’15, was created in the process, and has been working with Mr. Thiel on a bi-weekly basis to discuss issues regarding the Communications office and online endeavors.

We have been discussing the use of the Academy Seal at Deerfield and when we should use it versus when we should refrain. Seals, in general, traditionally have been sacred and hold a significant amount of power. We are leaning towards only using our Seal for “only those publications and materials that represent the highest ideals within the Mission of the Academy”. This includes diplomas, transcripts, athletic awards, etc. We are leaning towards not using the seal on everyday items such as water bottles, notebooks, etc. We also would like to limit use of the Seal on items that may distort the quality of it in any way or break the “perfect circle”, which defines it. The Seal is a pretty common object to use on a class t-shirt or bag, but the Communications office is working on creating good alternatives to preserve the sanctity of the Seal.

We have also been discussing maybe allowing students to submit requests to the Physical Plant online instead of having to call or go to your hall resident. This was one of the topics discussed in the Quality of Life Forum a few weekends ago.

If you have any suggestions for projects that you think the Communications Committee should do, comment below.

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