Student Quality of Life Forum

We had a very good turnout for our meeting tonight, and here are the topics that were introduced:

– Online bus signup

– School Meeting Review Board

– Printer in the Dining Hall

– International Students – hard to get to airports – Korean students

– Lost and Found Emails – Get rid of them

– Teacher’s assistant (TA) instead of a class or independent study

– Real shampoo in locker rooms

– Filters for shower heads

– Daily Bulletin form for a work order instead of emailing hall resident or calling physical plant

– Get some picnic tables in front of JL/LM/Doubleday

– Communal Bicycles

– Get a Hammock in front of Mac

–  Changing Dorms on a 3 year rotation to get rid of stigmas associated with specific dorms: doubleday/poc/LM, etc.

– Renting movies on Friday nights. Red Box?

– Open both doors in the dining hall

– Fix Arms building doors

– Brick pathways behind Denunzio and between Doubleday and the classroom building

– Extending feed budgets

– Better toilet paper

– Paper towels in dorms – we go through a lot of them, so get better more e-friendly paper towels.

– Dorms to have supply of plastic forks and knifes or silverware in the dorms.

– Ping-pong tables, fooseball tables, air hockey tables, etc. in dorms to encourage boy-girl relationships.

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