Day Student Driving Petition

Upperclassmen Day Student Driving Petition 


  • Junior and senior day students who submitted a signed permission form from parents/guardians and can legally drive others according to their licenses, can drive upperclassmen boarders off campus
  • Junior and senior boarders who have submitted a permission form signed by a parent/guardian can be driven by upperclassmen day students off campus
  • This privilege will only apply to the hours between 3-10pm on Friday, 9-10pm Saturday, 9-5:30pm on Sunday.
  • CLARFICATION: day students will still be allowed to drive other day students of any grade, no formal permission required


  • Over the summer students’ parents/guardians will receive a permission form along with other summer forms, detailing this privilege and asking for a signature.
  • Forms can be mailed or physically handed to Ms. Scarborough (possibly include a photocopy of license to prove eligibility of driving other people)
  • Permission slips will accepted a rolling basis throughout the year
  • In the instance of exceptionally bad weather the Deans may decide to void this privilege for that particular day or weekend for safety concerns.
  • The importance of filling out off-campus online forms will be emphasized, and failure to do so when leaving campus (with or without a day student driver) will be more strictly enforced (violation WILL result in strict disciplinary actions)
  • Implementation of a driving radius (how far from campus day students can drive) is under consideration



  • Students and faculty often refer to the “Deerfield Bubble” as a negative aspect of the Deerfield community, allowing boarders to travel off campus with fellow students who know the area will serve to breach that bubble
  • The hours during which this privilege is valid for upperclassmen communicates that our goal is to encourage day student-boarder recreation off campus, and protect against the exploiting of day student drivers on school nights for last-minute trips into Greenfield, etc.
  • This proposal is convenient and economical: eliminates reliance on taxicabs and allows students to travel to places of interest easier and more frequently
  • A hope is that this privilege will also prompt day students to introduce boarders to their communities and towns.
  • In the past there have been disciplinary cases involving day students driving boarders without permission. These infractions are concerning as they break the rules, but also because they place students in unsafe situations. If this proposal takes effect it will act as incentive for students to follow protocol; receiving proper permission, filling out off-campus forms, and waiting until they are eligible (legally and grade-wise) to drive others.

Credit goes to Anna Pettee ’13, our Upperclassman Day Student Representative, for her hard work on this project. It was well thought out and put together. We are waiting for the Administration to make a decision on this.

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