February 17, 2013

The Student Council met briefly this evening to discuss ways in which we can improve the  structure of the council in order to be more efficient. We will be creating sub-committees as we continue through this year based on necessity and will have a set array of sub-committees by the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Each of these committees would report back to the larger group on their work in the past week or few weeks to keep the council informed. At this point, we have five different sub-committees including the School Meeting Committee, the Communications Committee, Deans Committee, Marketing Committee, and College Advising Committee. We will create more as we see necessary, but with the projects we are working on at the moment, this is all we have.

Important Updates:

Molly Murphy ’15 has received final approval for delivery of Newspapers to the Dining Hall in the mornings. Be sure to keep a look out for those in the future.

Our senior representatives are working on petitioning Senior Privileges.

We have formed a sub-committee to work with the College Advising Office on revamping the Deerfield College Advising Process.

We will be taking a look at our own Constitution to make edits and simplify it.

Tripp Kaelin ’14 is working on creating a Blog for us right now. We hope that this will help to encourage open conversation between students and the Student Council.

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