Sunday May 6, 2012

Student Council held an unofficial meeting in the Caswell immediately following Sit-down dinner in order to briefly discuss on-going projects; Jukebox in the Greer to be removed and replaced with a dock and iPod with a lock on it, last Gotcha email to be sent out, Meeting Minutes, increasing “feed” budgets on halls, and the 2012-2013 Student Council elections for rising Juniors and Seniors and Day Students.

There has been talk of moving the Jukebox out of the Greer since it is out of order and the school currently has a lease on it every month, which is essentially a waste of money considering it does not work. If we are able to remove this from the Greer, which we don’t think will be a huge issue, we would ideally like to replace it with an iPod dock and a school issued iPod with a lock on it so only that iPod could be used with the dock, whose songs are updated and downloaded only by members of the council using a Deerfield Academy iTunes account. We have to ask Mr. Emerson if he would be able to help us fund this project, which is going to be one of the main problems. Will keep you all updated.

Tripp Kaelen is hard at work on the Gotcha game that began sometime in early winter. There are allegedly about 40 students remaining, and one final email will be sent out regarding the list of students left. Tripp mentioned maybe having a lightning round that lasts about a week with the winner being the student who can get the most opponents out in the game.

Next year, the Council would like to continue to go viral and put up Meeting Minutes and important announcements on the Student Council Website so that students can track our progress and keep updated on our endeavours. Meeting Minutes next year will include attendance for clarification when making decisions.

Student Council Elections for the 2012-2013 will be held in a few weeks. Rising Junior elections will be held on Tuesday May 22nd, 2012 during faculty break in the Large Auditorium. Rising Senior elections will be held on Thursday, May 17th at 11:00 during faculty break in the Large Auditorium (Maddie and Alex will be working the Junior elections while Teddy will be working the Senior elections). *Day Student Elections will be held on May 17th during faculty break in the Caswell Library.

*Talk of elections brought up the issue of the fact that underclassmen day students are not eligible to run for neither the regular underclassmen council elections nor the day student elections. Many different solutions were formed but the consensus achieved was that we should have one combined day student election date, having one underclassman day student representative and one upperclassman day student representative elected. This makes sense because the day student population makes up about 10 to 15 percent of the entire student body, so this representation should be about the same on the council. It doesn’t make sense not to have an underclassman day student representative because if we don’t, and that is the case at the moment, then we are leaving a percentage of the school without any representation on the council. Furthermore, when making decisions on the council that have to do with school issues and rules, shouldn’t it make sense that these decisions not take effect on the underclassmen day students since they are not represented? Once we have a meeting with our newly elected President, a vote will be taken and, if passed, this will be put into order for the coming 2012 elections.



Emma, Maddie, and Devinne

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