April 26, 2012

Meeting Attendance:

  • Maddie Nelson
  • Alex DeVries
  • Devinne Cullinane
  • Emma Beck
  • Charles Jones
  • Annie Klink
  • Noah Koeppel
  • Theo Lipsky
  • Jordan Jancze
  • Cleo Siderides
  • Teddy Romeyn

Members of the Council met with Mrs. Creagh during faculty break today to discuss the housing process; last year’s and the upcoming year’s process. The Council agreed that the process was, for the most part, the best it could be, but the main focus during this meeting was to hear, from a dean’s perspective, exactly how the process was being done, to communicate to Mrs. Creagh and the other deans and faculty members involved in the process that, above all, the students are most interested in hearing which dorm they are in by the beginning of the summer, and would like a more clear explanation of the process. Firstly, students feel this is important because when buying furniture and accessories for one’s room, it is good to know the size of the room, and it gives the student peace of mind going into the summer. Secondly, the students are unaware of what the real process is, most likely caused by a lack of communication on the situation. The council members present recommended that Mrs. Creagh, along with the other deans, send an email to the school at the end of the school year explaining the process to a pin and clarifying that it is not a straight lottery, but a hybrid process. Other things discussed were how kids who sign up alone should not be isolated (primary example – Kate Ginna, Danielle Rutigliano) and new juniors and seniors who arrived at Deerfield as new juniors should be kept in the same dorm because it works well.



Emma, Maddie, and Devinne


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