April 1: All Senior Privileges Approved!

April Fools!!!

Actually, Student Council had a really productive meeting tonight when we were visited both by Dr. Margarita Curtis, Head of School, and Dr. Peter Warsaw, Academic Dean and Fine Arts Teacher.

Dr. Curtis wanted to quickly follow up on the question of RESPECT and check our progress. Voting closes tomorrow night, so we’ll see and post about it.

Dr. Warsaw pondered to us the question “How can we reduce the homework time and is it necessary?” We spent a long time giving our personal opinions and suggestions, but we are obviously only 20 students out of 620, and while we do our best to represent respectively, it can be difficult.

Giving us pointers and ways in which excessive homework time affects you would be a great help to us, the Academic Dean’s Office, and your teachers. We want to facilitate your time here in an effective and stressless way.

Please respond either via the comment box at the bottom or by filling out the Homework Time Suggestions Form for extra anonymity.



Emma, Maddie, and Devinne

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