Suggestions for Housing and Amnesty

Ben Franklin said, “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body,” and we want Deerfield to be our home. We obviously have food and fire for the body, and we feed the mind pretty well with the extensive academic demands of the Academy, but what constitutes the fire for the mind? Dorm life.

Liking the people you live with as well as feeling safe and secure with them is a major aspect of healthy dorm life. This includes being with your friends and feeling like your room is a place that belongs to you, but it is also sometimes important to meet new people on your hall and for the deans to protect us by eliminating illegal substances from our living spaces.

As of late, the housing process this year will be much like last year’s, with socially engineered halls geared towards promoting diversity and erasing homogeneity in dorms. While this is the plan, there is obviously always room for improvement, especially since it is a recently created process and there are still kinks to be worked out.

Also up for improvements, the deans’ way of searching rooms and ridding campus of prohibited materials such as drugs and alcohol. Students were shocked by the manner in which they were herded into faculty apartments to wait for over an hour while the “Amnesty” process was carried out and their rooms were “randomly” selected and run through by deans.

As Mrs. Creagh said in her Scroll article this past October, “Communication is critical.” We want to hear your ideas in fixing the system so as many students and faculty are addressed. Please contact members of Student Council with any concerns, complaints, or ideas that could help make the system better. Cleo Siderides and Noah Koeppel are heading the thoughts on housing, and Emma Beck and Devinne Cullinane want to hear your impressions on the dorm raids. You can also comment on this article to tell us your ideas.


Emma Beck

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