Ordering Window Proposal

We propose the establishment of a specified “ordering window” so that students can place delivery orders from local restaurants on weeknights. In an effort to maintain the sanctity of study hours, students would need to place their orders prior to 7:45 P.M. With the cooperation of these restaurants, each would deliver the meals for all those who ordered at 9:45 PM. A 5 to 15 minute curfew furlough would then be given by faculty residents so students could pick up their food and return to the dorms directly. All students must respect the premise of this privilege by returning to the dorms without delay.
This proposal would support local business and provide students with an extra opportunity to catch a meal. With the coming proscription of refrigerators, it will become ever more difficult for individuals to keep food. Adoption of this proposal will ease the transition while also extending to the students a logical and practical measure of trust.
As a demonstration of this trust, we aim to have this privilege extended to the entire student body.

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