February 19, 2012

Student Council met to discuss the continuation of the Respect Principle, Meeting Minutes, the fire pits, how we can get more people to come to our meetings, a printer in the dining hall, the ordering window, senior privileges, the jukebox in the Greer, the soda machines in the dorms, online permission slips, and day student rooms.

All student council members agree that we need to continue the discussion of respect in the community and among the students and faculty. With the new respect principle in the works, we agreed that our next meeting (Wednesday; due to a schedule change) will be focused primarily on this subject.

As we have just recently brought back the site, Emma Beck ’13 and Devinne Cullinane ’14 (heading the Minutes section of the site with Maddie Nelson ’15)  introduced Meeting Minutes to the Student Council. They explained how it would be a great way for people who are not able to come to the meetings could look at what we discussed at a later time. Emma and Devinne also brought up that, using the Meeting Minutes, they will now be taking attendance at all Student Council meetings. This will be a great way to encourage representatives to attend and will help us keep track of those in attendance for certain decisions.

Our recently passed proposal, the Fire Pit, was briefly mentioned to ensure that all is going smoothly. We agreed that, yes, everything is going according to plans and students are enjoying the new attraction.

Noticing that only Student Council members and Mr. O’Donnell were in attendance, Emma brought up the idea of brainstorming ways to attractpeople to the meetings, which would increase the level of community involvement. This subject will surely be discussed in meetings to come, but so far FOOD appears to be an obvious relief.

With the Spring term advancing quickly, Theo Lipsky ’12 mentioned the ominous prospect of  the housing process for next year. This is a subject that the council is passionate about, and we will definitely be working with the Deans and Faculty to come up with an idea that we think will work the best. Last year’s process went well, but we are looking to improve it. There is more discussion on this topic to come.

After many discussions, in vain, about getting a printer in the dining hall, Charles Jones ’12 announced that this would not be something that the council can add to our list of achievements during the 2011-2012 school year.

The ordering window, senior privileges, and extended curfew are all being reviewed by the Deans, but the outcome of the ordering window is not looking promising.

The council discussed removing the Jukebox from the Greer and instead trying to get an iPod speaker. This was addressed by Charles who, earlier in the year, was informed that the Faculty didn’t like the idea of not being able to sensor the music played.

Maddie proposed the idea of removing the soda machines from the dorms because they usurp a considerable amount of energy, and it would save the school money and be healthier for the students. She will approach physical plant with this idea.

Finally, Annie Klink ’13, one of the two day student representatives, brought up day student rooms and informed the council of the progress of this proposal. It is coming a long very well, and is expected to have a soon completion date.

All in all, it was a great meeting with almost all of the members of the council present, except for representatives Mac Chandler, Noah Koeppel, Eliza Mott, and Tripp Kaelin. Eliza was touring NYU Abu Dabi, and Tripp had extra help, while the reasons for the absence of Mac and Noah are unknown but probably justifiable.


                                     Emma, Devinne, and Maddie



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