February 16, 2012

Student Council met today during Faculty Break to discuss the recent Respect Forum and the general topic of respect, next year’s housing process, the “Ordering Window”, reactions and remarks concerning the new Fire Pit in front of the Greer, and the possibility of allowing Sophomores on Honor Roll to have study hall as upperclassmen would.

The general consensus of the Council was that the Respect Forum was a success, though the topics discussed by the students and faculty involved were “beating around the bush” of the problems with Respect we have on campus. No specific incidences of disrespect were discussed, nor did the discussion become heated at any point. The Council agreed that because of the setting of the meeting, students felt it was inappropriate to really dig into the respect issue at the school. This was duly noted for future meetings.

Noah Koeppel brought up next year’s housing process. He stated that underclassmen dorms should be more engineered to help with underclassmen the upperclassmen housing should be less random as the upperclassmen tend to already be set in their friend groups, while the underclassmen would benefit from being on a diverse hall to increase the amount of people they know and could possibly become friends with. Process will be made shortly on this.

Noah also brought up the fact that some teachers and students felt that the pie throwing was inappropriate at school meeting, giving the impression that it was disrespectful for students to be throwing pies at community members. The Council discussed both positive and negative aspects of this; the teachers that the pies were thrown at had volunteered to be a part of this fundraiser, and it was a fundraiser in itself meant to help relieve some stress of the winter while supporting the Junior Class. This discussion was short, but important, seeing as it was respect-oriented.

The “Ordering Window” was discussed shortly, as we have been working on this all year, yet there has been no progress so far. There had been a trial run planned for the time between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break, but it never happened. All agreed that the next step is bring the proposal to Mr. Emerson again to check on its status.

The Council agreed the Fire Pit in front of the Greer was a success. Concerns included leftover charcoal on the ground, and putting the wooden benches away because of the snow. Only minor details; resolutions found.

Devinne Cullinane brought up the possibility of bringing back the ability of Sophomores on Honor Roll to have study hall as an Upperclassman, but (sadly) the proposal was seen to be unrealistic.

That concludes the topics discussed in our meeting.



                                    Devinne, Maddie, and Emma

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