Online Overnight and Off Campus Forms

Student Council has been hard at work with Mr. Thiel trying to bring the Overnight Slip and the Off Campus Sign Out Form online in an easily accessible manner. This new online system will be more reliable from a security standpoint and will allow students to easily be able to fill out these two forms without the stress of the elongated process of running from one side of campus to the next in order to be permitted to leave. The majority of students are unaware that in order to leave campus during the day at any point you must sign out in the Main School Building. Few to no people do this, but we are hoping that with this new online version, students will be more aware, and that this rule will be better enforced.

For the students, this transition from paper to online forms will be easy and simple as we have dealt with online forms before (long winter weekend sign out, etc), but for the teachers they will have to make a bit of a transition as the process will be changing. A meeting is scheduled for March 1st for the teachers to be informed on this process. If all goes well, this new system should be up and running by the beginning of the Spring Term. Just another thing to look forward to in the Spring!

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