Housing Proposal

Housing Selection Process:

Our housing philosophy is very similar to our philosophy regarding community meals. At Deerfield, we value our sit-down community meals because we think it is good for our students to mingle, meet new people, and engage in conversation with a variety of teachers. When housing our students, we also hope to offer them variety, diversity, and the chance to meet teachers and students who they might not have sought out on their own.

During the Spring Term, the students and the Deans will meet for a housing lottery. There will be no pre-draft priority to students who had lower picks in the draft from the previous year. For example, if a student selected one of the last picks for the lottery and then was not in the dorm that he or she wished to be in, that student will not automatically have a higher selection in the following year’s draft. Also students who wish to sign up in doubles or triples do not have priority over other students and will participate in the same draft as other students. Students may, however, obtain extra picks if he or she meets characterization chosen by the Dean of Students office, such as rooming in a double or a triple room the previous year, having zero Accountability Points, and so on.  This means that if a student is allotted “extra picks”, that student may draw again in the lottery.

Rising underclassmen are allowed to sign up with a partner in the draft. In the selection process, underclassmen select what hall they wish to be in, rather than the room that they wish to be in. This is because Deerfield wants to promote having balanced halls and encouraging returning students to meet new students. Upperclassmen are allowed to sign up with a partner as well. Based on their priority in the lottery, they can select what room they desire to be in.

Each spring, the Dean of Students Office assigns students to their rooms for the following fall. Once assignments are announced, the committee will not make any changes to the fall housing roster beyond those minor modifications that become necessary on the rare occasion when a student withdraws over the summer. Students are encouraged to discuss issues of incompatibility with their proctors, faculty residents, and their Deans, and should be aware that no housing changes will be made before Thanksgiving.

While we often consider student preferences as expressed in housing applications, the Academy reserves the right to reject all preferences and to assign students to rooms considered to be best suited to their needs.

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