Response to Anonymous Comments

Hi, all –

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in anonymous comments. Most of you brought up the parietals proposal, so we’ll speak to that:

You’re right, it’s not a monumental alteration. Not much changes on a practical level – a trash can becomes a shoe for upperclassmen, the main light goes on for underclassmen – but our hope is that the change has symbolic significance: upperclassmen should have different rules from underclassmen. We trust 17- and 18-year-olds at this school to hold themselves accountable when shown greater trust.

The removal of one-on-one parietals for freshman for the first half of the year is a move that the faculty have pushed for a while now. Having group parietals only for those first couple of months of Deerfield isn’t such a bad thing for grade bonding.

Those of you seeking more radical reforms: changing parietals comes up on the Council agenda every year, and every year the questions arise about legality, consistency among faculty residents, and the value of parietals to begin with. These conversations tend to go in circles between students and faculty, but we make your cases heard.

We won’t be pursuing any further changes this year, since we feel it has been canvassed so thoroughly in the past, but our proposal will be brought up as a near-definite to the faculty in June.

Keep commenting!

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