Minutes 3/6/11

Today, Student Council met for the final time in the winter term. Updates!

–Parietals changes have passed through the Dorm Council. This means that for upperclassmen, you need is a shoe in the door and one light source. Note: This light source is not a monitor/computer screen! Other changes: Underclassmen must have the overhead light on and a trashcan in the door. Also, freshman will not be able to have one-on-one parietals for their first several months on campus. All of these changes will go into effect, starting this fall.

–The changes to the Disciplinary Committee are all set! The biggest change is that both juniors (4 of them) and seniors (8 of them) will be on the committee. One of the eight seniors will be the chair of the committee and will guide and train new DC members. Elections for both grades will be held (electronically!) after we return from Spring Break. More on elections to follow in a later School Meeting…

–In the election for president of the student body, debates will be held in a spring School Meeting before the elections take place. The logistics of the content and structure of the debate are still underway. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

–The development of the Honor Code class, which would be required for sophomores, is ongoing. If you have any suggestions on possible class leaders or guest speakers (faculty or students) let us know!

–Members of Student Council will be visiting Culture Club tomorrow. Come on out if you want to be included in the discussion!

–Heads up: Another brother/sister pair to host School Meeting the week after Spring Break–Stephen and Betsy Alexandre.

Good luck with exams, and have a great break!

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