Topics 2/11

Despite the dearth of exact minutes, a list of topics and activities that Student Council has addressed over the past month (see 3/6 Minutes for final progress of some):

  • Hoping to have the weekend slip procedure occur online
  • Looking into renewing the old spring-term extended curfew for sophomores on Honor Roll or without APs, removed two years ago because of disruption to freshman study hall, logistics, and exclusivity
  • Culture Club’s proposal to regulate the gender balance on Council somehow: should we have a certain ratio or quota to fill? Should boys and girls run in pairs as running-matse?
  • Conducted a vote of confidence among the junior class to assess the case of two of their representatives who violated the school’s alcohol policy over Long Winter Weekend. Decided the Constitution gave them the option to / not to step down, and as they chose not to, put the choice back in their classmates’ hands. Both reps reelected.
  • DC proposal accepted (see proposals bar) & going into place in the spring
  • Seeking new locations for the DSL due to the renovation of the Arms Basement: the basement of the Classroom Building will definitely be allocated to day students, as will, potentially, another storage room off the Greer.
  • On deans’ request to clarify, proposed changing “light source” in parietals rule to “lamp”
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