Parietals Proposal ’11

As current school policy stands, any student (regardless of class year) must have his/her door open the width of a DA trashcan and have “a light source” visible while in parietals.

We propose the following changes (all guidelines about curfew, etc., as before)

Upperclassmen: shoe in the door, sole down; light source

Underclassmen: DA-issued trashcan in the door; main light on

  • 9th-graders may have group parietals from October, one-on-one parietals only in spring

(In the case of underclassman-upperclassman parietals, underclassman rules would apply)

Also, per faculty suggestion, we propose that DA to Z explicitly require that the on-duty faculty member check in on parietals once an hour.

By tightening 9th/10th-grade provisions and loosening 11th/12th-grade rules even on this minor level, we hope to acknowledge natural distinctions across the spectrum of student ages and to express an increased trust in 11th– and 12th-graders. Implicit in this trust is our expectation that upperclassmen would hold themselves accountable for their actions. By redefining 9th-grade parietals this way, we also hope to convey the point that parietals need not be associated just with intimacy.

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