Disciplinary Committee Restructuring

Disciplinary Committee hearings currently involve four students (chosen case-by-case from the Disciplinary Committee group of 16) and four designated faculty members with a dean as Chair. Self-nominating students are selected by their classmates through popular vote in their junior spring and the candidates reviewed by the deans prior to confirmation. As of now, students on the DC convene only when called for hearings and typically only to consider suspension-worthy cases.

Based on observation and feedback from the DC, Student Council proposes:

1) Have a DC composed of juniors and seniors. Hold 2 rounds of elections per class—elect 4 members at the end of their sophomore year to observe that spring term & serve the following year, and then hold elections for the other 12 members in junior spring. Pre-existing DC members would look over the candidates with the deans.

2) Once the full class panel has been chosen, designate a student Chair and Vice-chair from within the group. Anyone interested in running for either of those two positions would go in with the understanding that they are precluded from proctorship.

3) Maintain the ratio of 4 students: 4 faculty but install the student Chair in the dean’s place.

4) Institute weekly leadership training exercises (on Sundays) to be run by the Chair and Vice-chair, mostly in the form of “case studies,” even actual minor disciplinary events on campus.

The idea behind all of these points is to strengthen the student voice and really capitalize on the DC’s potential for student leadership development.

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