Minutes 1/17/11

–First up, we have petitioned for a 9:00 AM start for exams for the rest of the year, and our request has been granted! Wednesday and Thursday exams will last from 9:00 to 11:00 (with a thirty minute “grace” period until 11:30), but the Friday exam period will be made shorter (the actual test will be shorter to accommodate the change), so that exams will only last until 10:30 (or 11:00, if you use the grace period)! This change has been made to ensure that all flight schedules can remain the same.

–In the next couple days, the Student Council will be conducting its first interviews of new faculty applicants. These interviews are being held to allow students some say in the faculty selection process.

–Council also discussed the current advisor/advisory system, in hopes of more clearly defining the role of an advisor and strengthening advisor/advisee relationships. If you have any concerns or comments about the current advising system, feel free to contact one of the reps.

–Alterations to the DC committee were also discussed. Current ideas for restructuring the committee include: including members from different grades, changing the ratio of students to teachers, and creating a “head student committee member.” More on these changes later…

–Watch out for a Gotcha announcement on Tuesday!

–Finally, the juke box has been enormously successful, so the Council-funded coin bucket will remain!

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