HOUSING Spring 2011-

This is a one-draft, no-priority system built on feedback. Once sheets are submitted, housing will take place in the deans’ office with a Student Council member present.

*“Preference”—in the form of more lottery picks—will be given ONLY to those students (mostly underclassmen) living involuntarily in doubles this year. These cases will dwindle out by default as enrollment returns to normal over the next couple of years.


May 11th: Each student submits a sheet listing 1 housing partner (2 if going for triple) & their corridor preferences. [If students request a double/triple and none remain when their number comes up, they will be notified and asked to resubmit a singles sheet at that time.]

May 12th-14th: Students pick their housing numbers in the Dean of Students’ office. Everyone gets two picks. You get an extra pick if you were in a non-requested double this year and lose a pick if on restrictions at the time of the draw.

May 16th: Housing posted, either all at once or top half of lottery first, then second later.

Pre-summer: Once students know their corridor, they meet with faculty resident and (in order of lottery numbers) X out their chosen room on a blueprint of the hall.

The plan is to maintain this system, unchanged, in upcoming years also. Come to Sunday’s meeting if you have questions or concerns!

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