Minutes 12/12/10

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend! So tonight on council we talked
about a few different things.
-We are currently working on revising and reorganizing the DA to Z
handbook. We are trying to make it more clear, concise and helpful.
There were some ambiguous terms and references that resulted in
confusion, making the handbook less helpful. Also, we tried to set it
up so that the rules are neatly laid out and easy to see so you don’t
have to go searching for them.

-Another thing we are considering, along with Mr. Warsaw, is the idea
of having to sign your name on every test/quiz/assignment you have for
a class signifying your academic honesty policy and your commitment
that you are handing in your own work. This idea would not be
implemented until possibly next fall, and is not to be considered a
punishment, rather a reminder of our promise when we hand in work.

-When we come back from break we will be starting a variety of new
projects such as plans for the basement of the arms building. As of
now it is an empty space, and we hope to turn it into a cool place to
hang out.

We have a CHRISTMAS CARD COMING OUT SOON! So look for that, and
definitely check out our website for other information.

Have a great night,

Cleo, Jordan and Louisa

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