Minutes 12/5/10

Dr. Curtis came by our meeting last night and discussed dress-down days at length with us. As she said on Friday, the admin stopped dress-down Fridays out of a concern that we were gradually losing the integrity of the dress code—going from January dress-downs to Jan & Feb to all of winter term + fundraisers. We brought up the campus feelings that it does no harm but raises spirits, and she suggested having more “spontaneous” dress-downs, i.e. on a few randomly-chosen winter days. She seemed open to our suggestion to compromise with “business casual” Fridays and will finalize her plan at this week’s school meeting. She emphasized wanting to listen to students…so keep speaking up.

We also met earlier this week with Mr. Flaska, who proposed a change to DA to Z that would put into words a policy the school already follows—of holding the right to punish (conversation/letter of rep, then possibly more) a student who repeatedly disrespects the school in non-AP-earning ways: i.e. vandalizing, swearing in front of teachers, general bad attitude. Council voted in favor 8 to 1.

Parietals—faculty liked the tiered system but not our current proposal, which loosens upperclassman rules. More to come on that.

Housing—we’ll post the deans’ proposal online this week and announce it at the Jan. 4 school meeting.

Also brought up—faculty accountability? Plans for an Arms Basement hangout space? Having pds. 7-1 on certain days?

Stay cool,

Your reps

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