The Rotation

Boys-Hockey-4 This Week in Deerfield Sports! (1/7/2014) - Here’s a rundown of this week’s upcoming games:
istanbul2014 PVR Goes Live in 2014! (12/17/2013) -
KFC 2013 Spring KFC (12/1/2013) - Hey everyone!  First major post on the new site!  PVR was able to record (most of) the 2013 Spring KFC and we are now posting some stuff on here.  Big thanks to Mr. D and Ms. Lyons for putting together an awesome show!  Hope you all enjoy. 001 Julie Harris and Chris Lin   002 […]
rooneymedium Album Review: You Should Listen to This (5/1/2013) -  Los Angeles’ own Rooney Our favorite tracks: Blueside Shakin’ Stay Away Daisy Duke Sorry Sorry Popstars Check out the MySpace (yes, I know, MySpace) link below to stream the album! Rooney’s MySpace

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