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The Main School Building or “MSB” is the front door of the Academy—and the most prominent feature of the MSB lobby is the grand desk of Frank Boyden, Deerfield’s modern-day founder.

Mr. Boyden planted his desk in the lobby back when all classes were still held in this one building, so it was impossible to avoid encountering the Headmaster at least a couple of times a day. Mr. Boyden’s hands-on approach to education is still in evidence throughout the school, and his commitment to every student lives on in Deerfield’s present faculty—who are involved in virtually every aspect of student life.

Since it houses the Admission Office, the MSB is often the first building students enter at Deerfield. The Deans’ offices and the College Advising Office are also located in the MSB, so students are in and out of the building all day conducting the errands and tasks that frame student life: course scheduling, requesting weekend travel permission, or following up on college applications. The MSB is a warm and welcoming place, and on each Friday afternoon of the winter term, the lobby is filled as the Head of School provides cookies and cocoa to the entire community—even faculty children join in the fun.