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The Dining Hall

“For food, for friendship, for the blessings of the day we give thanks. Amen.” These simple words begin every Deerfield sit-down meal, before the scuffling of chairs, quick steps of students hurrying to their tables, and quiet rumble of conversation break the silence of the pre-meal prayer. For Deerfield students the Dining Hall is a source of tradition and friendship, a place where students gather bound by song or camaraderie, or simply for a late-night snack the night before an exam.

Seven times a week, Deerfield students and faculty share the warmth of a family-style sit-down meal. Every Sunday night after the second waiters have cleared their tables and final announcements have been made, the school rises for one of Deerfield’s most beloved traditions, the singing of the Evensong. This song, sung at all major school events, including Convocation and Commencement, is one of the reminders of the rich tradition and history of the school, and that Deerfield days truly are “Days of Glory.” 

(And yes, the food is excellent.  Each day’s menu can be found on the Daily Bulletin.)