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Albany Road

Albany Road connects the campus. From its starting point at the town common (in front of the Main School Building) to the way it peters out on the Lower Level, this roadway serves as the grand thoroughfare for virtually all campus activities. When students first tour campus, it’s Albany Road that orients them. When they graduate, they process down Albany Road to the sounds of fife and drum, surrounded by the cheers of fellow students.

During the academic day, students cross Albany Road as they shuttle between the primary academic buildings to the north and other necessary locations to the south—including the Dining Hall, Gymnasium, Health Center, and other important stops such as Shipping and Receiving. In the evenings and on weekends, students stroll, run, and pause along the road, as they visit dormitories, head to the hockey rink to share their spirit, make trips to the Lower Level and River, or exit the campus for a quick trip to Savage’s, Richardson’s, or the Williams Sugar House.

On Albany Road, you bump into people. Students and faculty find they are headed in the same direction and enjoy the walk together, a happenstance aided by the banishment of cell phones. People who linger might find their way to the Greer Store or Gordie’s Overlook (a scenic spot just past the colonial-era Burial Ground at the west end of Albany Road). In the spring, especially, Albany Road becomes a destination in itself—a place to simply go, connect, and explore where things lead.