Welcome to the Parent Lounge

A new Parent Lounge is now open in the living room of the Ephraim Williams house. The Ephraim Williams house (or EW, as many call

Your Child as an Alumni Ambassador?

Deerfield’s alumni network spans the world and is served primarily by the Office of Advancement and the Communications Office. We invite current students to take

Are You Signed Up With Vidigami?

You may have noticed a change on the DPN home page – we’ve moved from the Flickr feed to Vidigami, a photo management solution designed

It’s AP Test Registration time!

If your child plans to take an AP exam, please make sure they use this link to sign up for this May’s AP exams: https://deerfield.edu/ap-registration-form/.

We Want YOU!

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) welcomes you to volunteer for the First Link program for the upcoming school year of 2019-2020. As you will be

WSI: Water Safety Instructor Course

Deerfield Academy is offering a Water Safety Instructor Course to students who are interested in learning how to teach swim lessons to both children and

Beginnings and Endings

A band called Semisonic wrote the song “Closing Time” a number of years ago with the memorable lyrics, “every new beginning comes from some other