“The test of worth of any school is the record of service of her alumni.” 

Frank L. Boyden, Headmaster 1902–1968

Class of 2023!

Now that you have received your diploma, signed the alumni book, and sang the Evensong for the first time as Deerfield Academy graduates, you have a unique opportunity to be of service (with the generous support of Rob and Karen Hale).

As Mr. Hale announced, you have been given the opportunity—and responsibility—to direct a philanthropic gift of $1000 to a non-profit of your choosing. This is a chance to live out Deerfield’s mission of service, and an opportunity to apply your Deerfield education to make a thoughtful and informed decision about philanthropy.

How to Give:

  1. For inspiration, please watch this short video of Mr. Hale below, as he talks about why giving (and Deerfield) is so important to him and to his family. 
  2. Then, by June 30, please select a 501c3 non-profit organization to receive your $1000 gift.
  3. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  4. Smile! You’ve made a difference. 

A Few Tips to Consider When Making a Philanthropic Donation


Start with your values

As you consider where to direct your donation, think about what matters most to you and the kind of impact you hope to have in the world. Discuss with friends, trusted adults in your life, your family, and others to clarify the ways in which your values can guide your decision of where to give.


Connect with a mission

The most impactful giving happens when your values connect deeply with the mission of an organization. Take some time to explore the written missions of different organizations (often found on an organization’s website), and then see how they live out their mission through their programs, activities, and impact.


Do your homework

Read through the websites of organizations you’re interested in; critically evaluate their missions and programs. Try to find outside perspectives either by researching similar organizations, finding perspectives that may be critical of an organization, or reviewing news stories and/or scholarly sources about an organization. Don’t forget: You still have access to the Boyden Library resources until the end of June! You might also benefit from using an organization that researches and evaluates nonprofit organizations:

Beyond the websites above, you can also find tips on giving on the Massachusetts State Government websiteor on the US Federal Trade Commission consumer advice website.


Trust your gut

While doing your homework matters, in the end, return to your values and “trust your gut.” While you should approach giving as a critical thinker, making a donation should feel right to you, too.

Don’t Forget (the Details)

While we hope this opportunity inspires a lifetime of giving, this time around we ask that you submit your preferred charity by June 30.

The choice of charity is yours, but this gift must go to a registered 501(c)(3) organization. In order for the gift to be made, you must include the legal name of the organization, the organization’s mailing address, and the organization’s Federal Tax ID/ EIN number. You can often find this information on the organization’s website, on https://www.charitynavigator.org/, or on the IRS website.

A $1000 check will be mailed to the organization of your choosing on your behalf. You will have the choice of having your role in the gift acknowledged if possible, or if you would prefer, the gift can be made anonymously. While you have control over where the donation is sent and it will be made in your honor, legally, this will not officially be a tax-deductible donation from you.


Please reach out to communications@deerfield.edu with any questions or concerns, and someone on the Communications Team will either answer your question or put you in touch with someone who can.

Thank you!

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Finding the tax ID number for your charity should not be difficult. It should be prominent on the organization’s website under Support or Donate or by contacting the charity directly.
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