Molecules and Energy

Energy Research introduces students to the interface between physics, chemistry and biology. Many compounds exhibit the ability to store and release energy that humans can

Ben Bakker

Ben has been at Deerfield since 1997. He graduated from WPI with a BS in physics; at UMass he earned an MS in Physics for

Kimberly Butz

Kim is in her second tour at Deerfield, having served as Director of Administrative Technology from 2001-2004 before leaving the Academy to work as an IT

Eric Calhoun

Rich joined the Deerfield faculty in 2007 as a member of the science department. Rich has taught at the Groton School, Aspen Country Day School,

Brendan Creagh

Brendan teaches in Deerfield’s Science Department. He and his wife, Amie, live off campus with their children, Tynan and Kaelin. Brendan also coaches varsity golf.

Jeffrey Crosby

Jeff joined Deerfield Academy in 2018 as a science teacher.  He has taught biology, chemistry and physics as well as a variety of interdisciplinary courses